Harper Botorowicz


Harper first tapped into yoga at the age of 13 due to a ballet injury. She practiced on and off since, until 6 years ago when she decided to dig deeper into her practice and herself through daily yoga and meditation. She took her first teacher training . Yoga has changed Harper’s life in many ways – and she loves to share that with everyone around her. She has studied and experience teaching: hatha, vinyasa, yin, pre-natal, ra’yoKa, vapassana and zen meditation, and children’s yoga. 

Before yoga, Harper studied Food and Nutrition at the University of Alabama where she earned her B.S. degree.
She is a longtime vegan, lover of animals and dog owner. Her favorite styles of yoga to practice is Hatha and Yin. Harper also has a long time meditation practice. She is an advocates having power over your mind to have power over yourself. It was this interest in the mind, that Harper also dove into hypnotherapy studies which she specialized in past life regression and addiction hypnotherapy.