Keriann Miranda

A lifetime athlete and lover of exploration and new cultures, Keriann has created a life surrounded by health and wellness. As a personal trainer for over a decade she has helped countless clients reach their fitness goals, and as a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach she has created diet plans for athletes, celebrities, and high ranking executives, that are tailored to their busy lifestyles. Always feeding her wanderlust-filled soul, yoga came into her world years ago on a trip to Central America, where she realized it was the Yin to her Yang, and something she couldn’t live without. She is a RYT 200 and is ever evolving in her training, knowledge, and personal practice. She has attended workshops with amazing teachers all over the US and Australia, and also spent time teaching back down in Central America, giving it back the gift it once brought her. Teaching yoga has not only become a way to emotionally and mentally cleanse life’s stresses, but because she started practicing in a natural and peaceful environment, each class brings her back to her yoga roots…and makes all the effort worth it. The practice and growth behind yoga, sharing it’s beautiful energy, has become such a integral part of Keriann’s life. Namaste.