Madeline Barmark

Discovered yoga in 2004 through a Power yoga teacher training at Safe Sweden in Stockholm, Sweden and fell in love with the practice!

Yoga is about so much more than physical activity and asanas, it is about experimenting, exploring and connecting with the shapes through your breath, meditation and movement.

“For me Yoga is about creating balance and peace, acting from a place of love and kindness while appreciating all the beauty around us, therefore the real yoga practice starts when we take our efforts outside the yoga room and aim to connect with the world ”

From a recent trip to India where she went to explore the country and practicing Ashtanga with Shri. R. Sharath Jois. she discovered a deeper connection with the spiritual aspect of the practice and has become an advocate for meditation and the use of pranayama. Breathing is ultimately what unites the body and mind; it stills the monkey mind and brings awareness to the oneness in everything we do.

“ I believe breathing is the most powerful tool in our practice, it unites us with our deeper selves and bring forth the purpose of who we are and why we show up on our mat every day.  If we keep an open heart and an open mind towards our selves and others we will be more accepting of change. Yoga is accepting the fact that our physical and mental abilities constantly change. We should look at this change with excitement, as there is always a lesson to learn and an opportunity to grow”.

Madeleine is certified to teach Power, Yin, Smartflow and Ashtanga, primary series.  She has been fortunate to study with some extremely talented teachers like Annie Carpenter (Smartflow), Paul Grilley,( functional approach to yoga), Mark Stephens, Tim Miller (Ashtanga) and Jodi Blomstein (Ashtanga). She mainly teaches Vinyasa classes that are a mix of fiery Sun salutations; standing/seated poses, and some meditation/ breath work. Her personal practice is a mix of Ashtanga, Yin, and Iyengar where she enjoys mixing alignment-based classes with moving meditations. She understands the importance of being open minded willing to listen and learn both as a teacher and as a student.