Zack Greenberg

A soccer player through college, Zachary always had a penchant for stretching, so much so his teammates would poke fun at his curious shape-making. Graciously taken to his first yoga class when he was eighteen, imagine his delight to find he was already working his way into Lizard and Half Monkey Pose.

Beyond the healing and strengthening, benefits yoga has had on his ankles and knees, Zachary continues to love the animal levity of asana mixed with an ancient reverence. A poet and author of the collection Scarlight, the musical element of breath fused with length in alignment is vital to his teaching.

Off the mat, Zack is puppy papa to Samson, captain of unckie beach days, and a teacher of literature and creative writing. He has led poetry & meditation workshops at yoga studios, schools, rehabilitation and cancer centers in Los Angeles, Nashville, Japan, and elsewhere. Come join a space where we carry ourselves lightly and the world deeply.